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Product Update: Quick Apply, Add Candidates Manually, New Sidebar and More

calendar icon 5th October 2021
book icon about 3 min read
Product Update: Quick Apply, Add Candidates Manually, New Sidebar and More

We’re excited to announce one of our biggest product updates this year. 

Our team has been working extremely hard to deliver on a number of improvements over the last few months. 

As numerous sectors in the UK experience a labour shortage, we're glad to introduce Quick Apply - an easy way for candidates to apply just by uploading their CV, no signup or onboarding required. The reduced barrier should yield more applicants and help you fill positions faster. 

But this isn’t everything. You can now add candidates manually from any source - whether you received a CV via email, walk-in or a recruitment agency. 

We also redesigned the sidebar, making it easier than ever to navigate around the SeeMeHired platform. 

Lastly, we did a number of upgrades that just make the product experience delightful - faster load speeds, multiple UI improvements and the ability to generate a QR code for every job post, to name a few. 

Yes, it's a handful so let's look at these changes in more detail. 


1. Quick Apply

Candidates can now apply simply by uploading a CV. Here’s how it looks like for a sample vacancy: 


Once a candidate clicks on Quick Apply, they can upload a CV which is automatically added to your workflow for the role. The application form is super simple so candidates can apply in seconds. 


If you want to enable Quick Apply, open the relevant active job in your SeeMeHired account, click “Edit” and set the “Allow CV applications” toggle to On. 

2. Add Candidates Manually

It’s now easier than ever to add candidates from any source to SeeMeHired - this is handy when you receive applications via email, walk-ins or recruitment agencies.

If you want to add a candidate manually, open the relevant job and click “Manually add candidate”. 

You can now upload a CV and score the candidate based on your desired and essential criteria for the role. If the candidate is already in the SeeMeHired database, you will be able to add them to your workflow even faster. 

3. All-new Sidebar 

We redesigned the sidebar and made it easier to navigate so you can get what you need faster.

You can now access your active jobs, interviews, templates and reports - all with a beautiful new look! 


4. Job QR codes and downloadable PDFs

Going to a job fair? Simply print off the vacancies you want to promote and share them with candidates on-site. 

Each printed copy will include a dedicated QR code that leads to the online application page. Candidates can scan the QR code with their smartphone and apply easily - yes, using the Quick Apply from above! 

This functionality is automatically available for all of your open positions - just click the settings option for a job and select “Download PDF”.


5. Bug fixes and performance improvements

We tweaked the SeeMeHired platform to deliver a faster and more reliable experience for both employers and candidates. 

You will find a number of changes, including a revamped interview module, more detailed report filtering and a better PDF viewer - now automatically converting your Word docs to PDF. 

What’s next? 

We hope this major update will help you Source, Engage, Select and hire better talent faster. 

Plus, there’s more to come - stay tuned for new improvements throughout the year and beyond. 

In the meantime, we’d love it if you try out the new functionality and let us know if you have feedback. Most of these new features are a result of your direct suggestions so we take every comment into account.

And if you don’t have a SeeMeHired account yet, get started now or book a free demo with a product expert.