End-to-end hiring software

SeeMeHired is a cloud-based talent acquisition software for in-house teams.

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Here’s what you can do with SeeMeHired

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Create job templates and then advertise your vacancies at the touch of a button across all of the sourcing channels such as your career website, job boards, social media sites and recruitment agencies.

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Invite diversity friendly masked applications, screen, reject, shortlist and communicate with candidates throughout the hiring journey in real time.

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Create interview question and scoring packs for hiring managers to use, invite and book candidates in for interview, hold video interviews in one place.

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Hire and Onboard

Send job offers, onboard candidates and collect hiring data for easy reporting.

All the hiring tools you need in one place

Be diversity friendly, manage job posts, advertise widely, shortlist candidates, hold video interviews and much more with SeeMeHired.
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Job distribution

Advertise vacancies across social media sites and multiple job boards of choice.

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Careers Page

Don't have a careers page on your company website? No problem - you can feature your SeeMeHired job posts on your own website using a simple integration.

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Agency management

Invite your recruitment agencies to work on a job post with custom links for tracking. All agency contact is automated through the platform – no more emailing and phone calls!

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Job Match Score

Automatically rank and screen candidates who meet your essential criteria so you don’t have to review every CV manually.

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Candidate Communication

Candidate application progress is sent automatically via the platform, so no need for emails or phone calls!

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Diversity & Inclusion

Option to blind shortlist candidates by activating our Diversity Ambassador function.

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Interview Management

Manage the entire interview process with minimum effort with Interview panel access, pre-set questions, applicant star scoring system and interview slot setting.

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Video Interviewing Tool

Built in video interviewing, meaning no need to leave the platform to set up a video conference elsewhere.

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Reporting & Statistics

Equality monitoring report is compiled for you – no more manual end of year reports to be generated. Keep track of every hire you ever make – stored confidentially for you to download whenever you need to.

SeeMeHired.com streamlines our recruitment process by moving away from a very manual system which was very time-consuming and frustrating.

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Olga Pollock HR Manager at firmus energy

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