Strength lies in differences, not in similarities

SeeMeHired Delivers First to Market “Bias Removal”

Our unconscious bias in shortlisting was inescapable until now!

At we built our platform from the ground up ensuring that we could be the first to market on an end to end platform that will eliminate bias in shortlisting.
Companies can opt in to using our diversity module by signing up to our charter and letting the system take care of the rest.
Our strapline is 'This is how we Role'


  • We strive to achieve best practice in our recruitment, retention and career progression practices as employers.
  • We believe that we can operate more successfully and effectively with diverse teams.
  • Our aim is to build a culture where no one will be discriminated based on either their gender, age, cultural background or sexual identity, orientation.
  • We provide a safe, dignified and inclusive environment where every member is valued and treated with respect regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marriage or civil partnership, or where they are based.
  • We will continually improve outcomes and opportunities for our staff and potential staff, we will be proactive in advancing equality and supporting people to achieve their potential through inclusive practice.
  • We will not tolerate any form of unlawful discrimination or behaviour that is contrary to this statement, that wastes talent, stifles ability or negatively impacts upon human dignity or relationships across our business.

Recruitment without Bias

The diversity ambassador logo signifies a strong commitmitment to diversity and inclusion that goes far beyond policies.

SeeMe for Me.

As an organisation displaying this logo, you have committed to recruiting staff based on their passions and skills without any visable bias factors. Showcasing your commitment to hiring a diverse workforce and displaying your inclusive business culture.

As a candidate you will be selected and shortlisted without anyone knowing your name, age, employers, schools you attended, nationality to name a few, ensuring you get selected for interview based on your skills.