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Unconscious bias during the shortlisting process can be inescapable sometimes. We built our platform with a vision of eliminating this bias from hiring processes to help companies hire in a diverse and inclusive manner. Our companies can opt in to using our diversity module by signing up to our Diversity charter


Select Diversity Ambassador within your profile settings

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Anonymous Profiles

Candidates that apply for your jobs will appear totally anonymous – our system will remove any detail that would indicate gender, age, race, sexuality or religious background of these applicants so that you can ‘blind’ shortlist them.

Revealed Profiles

Once you invite a candidate for an interview, their profile will then be revealed.

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Our commitment to Diversity

No Bias

Hiring without Bias

Once you sign up as a Diversity Ambassador, our diversity logo will appear next to your company profile. As an organisation displaying this logo, you have committed to hiring staff based on their passions and skills alone, showcasing your commitment to hiring a diverse workforce and displaying your inclusive business culture.


Our commitment to Diversity

We strive to achieve best practice in our hiring, retention, and career progression practices as employers.

We believe that we can operate more successfully and effectively with diverse teams.

Our aim is to build a culture that eliminates discrimination based on gender, age, cultural background, religion or belief, marital status, parental status, or sexual identity/orientation.

We will continually improve outcomes and opportunities for our staff and potential staff, we will be proactive in advancing equality and supporting people to achieve their potential through inclusive practice.

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