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Learn how to simplify your processes and hire the right people with minimum effort.

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The all-in-one hiring management platform that helps you hire the right people in less time, with minimum effort


Our Hiring Management Platform

The platform features a multitude of HR tools and integrations that makes your sourcing, candidate engagement, selection and hiring simple and effortless.

All of the tools for your hiring campaigns, all in one place.

Hire the right people by managing your sourcing from a single point.

Agency management: Invite your recruitment agencies to work on a job post with custom links for tracking. All agency contact is automated through the platform – no more emailing and phone calls!

Job distribution: Job board distribution across social media sites and free or paid job boards of choice.

Career Page Integration: Don't have a career page on your company website? No problem - we can create a simple integration so that you can feature your SeeMeHired.com job posts on your own website.


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“SeeMeHired.com streamlines our recruitment process by moving away from a very manual system which was very time consuming and frustrating.”

Olga Pollock, HR Manager, firmus energy

Winner Best Emerging Business/Start Up Award 2020


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