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How to Automate Your Workflow Using HR Tech Integrations

calendar icon 1st December 2021
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How to Automate Your Workflow Using HR Tech Integrations

HR is one of the most integral parts of an organisation: the beating heart that circulates lifeblood through every aspect of a company.

It’s also one of the busiest departments of any business. From hiring new employees, supporting existing ones, and solving people's problems, HR departments seem to have little time for anything else.

This aspect of the organisation is filled with time-consuming, repetitive tasks that can often be automated. And if you automate the right processes, you can focus your HR team’s efforts on more productive tasks.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to automate your workflow using HR tech integrations.


How Do Integrations Work?

In a nutshell, integrations work by connecting your existing technology to other systems that can work with it.

There are many types of integrations and it’s essential to know precisely which part of your workflow you’re trying to automate so you can discover the specific tools you need.

For example, Zapier is a third-party software that lets you connect multiple apps so that certain actions in one app will automatically trigger responses from another.

Integrations can also be native - that is, built into a particular product without the need for a third-party like Zapier. SeeMeHired is an excellent example of this.

The SeeMeHired Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has built-in connectivity with other platforms like job boards and your social media accounts right out of the box. 


Common HR Integrations

Now that you know what HR integrations are, here are some common use cases that you should be familiar with.

Job Board Integrations

Posting on multiple job boards can amplify your reach but it's time consuming and repetitive work. Copying job descriptions and then formatting them to fit the platform is a pain. Not to mention managing incoming candidates and keeping track of all your listings. 

This is why HR teams often default to just one or two primary channels which significantly impacts the amount and quality of candidates in the pipeline. 

Luckily, job board integrations can help by automatically listing your vacancies on multiple platforms. If your ATS provides this functionality, you will typically receive all applications in one place too, making tracking and managing candidates much easier. 

SeeMeHired connects with 20+ free and paid job boards for easy posting and tracking.


Social Media Integrations

Job boards aren’t the only place where potential applicants are found. Nowadays, many job seekers look for new opportunities on social media. Previous research has revealed that among 18 to 34-year olds, 73% learned about their latest job on some form of social media.

LinkedIn is still the number one social platform that companies use to fill vacancies, with about 95% of recruiters saying that this social media platform is their first choice.

This means that if you’re not posting your job vacancies on social media, you should do so now, preferably with an integration to make it easier. 


SeeMeHired allows you to connect with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter so you can easily share new job vacancies directly from your account, saving you a few steps along the process. 

Website Integrations

Your careers page is one of the first things that potential applicants look at when they evaluate you as a potential employer. It’s a big part of your branding, so keeping it updated is a must.

When creating job posts, it would help immensely if you could post them directly to your website, as well. In fact, this feature should be your primary requirement when looking for HR website integrations.

With a proper integration, you will be able to easily add and manage a careers page on your website. Every new vacancy automatically shows up when you create it so you won’t need any support from your IT department. 


SeeMeHired allows you customise your own careers page so you can build an engaging employer brand. 

Video Interviewing Integrations

The interview phase of your recruitment process is where you can get to know your applicants better.

Thus, you need to focus your energy on engaging with them instead of wasting your time on minutiae like scheduling the interview, preparing the app you will be using, and coordinating with the participants.

Video interviewing integrations can help you with that. Your integrations should be able to:

  • Allow you to coordinate and set schedules among participants easily
  • Hold video conferences for multiple people
  • Provide a high-quality interview environment

You can use single-function integrations, such as Google Calendar for scheduling, Microsoft Outlook for communication, and Zoom for video conference.

However, a better option is to have all this functionality in one place so you reduce unnecessary tasks and costs for purchasing additional software tools. Not to mention the added complexity of using multiple apps to organise your interviews.

SeeMeHired allows you to set schedules, communicate with participants, and hold high-quality video conferences powered by Twilio.


Employee Shifts and Scheduling Integrations

Time management is one of the most critical aspects of managing an organisation, especially in an HR office, where everything needs to run smoothly.

However, plenty of organisations still use a standalone tool instead of integrating their time and scheduling software with their HR information system.

Since time and attendance are often related to your payroll, it could make a lot of sense to connect your various tools around it.

The right employee scheduling integration for your HR system allows you to:

  • Keep accurate records of employee hours
  • Feed exact numbers to your payroll
  • Streamline employee access to make it easier to use


Automating Your Workflow With HR Integrations

Improving your HR workflow is one of the keys to growing productivity and efficiency not just for HR but organisation-wide. Less time spent working on the minutiae means more time for growing your talent pool, solving people problems, and enhancing your overall company health.

Whether they are natively built or supplied by a third-party, tech integrations can streamline and automate some of the most repetitive and time-consuming tasks in your team. 

For example, you can boost your distribution efforts through job board, social media or website integrations. You can then further improve your workflow by connecting your interview scheduling, video conferencing and candidate communications. 

Lastly, another common HR integration use case is connecting your payroll and employee scheduling software, making it easy to track hours worked and payments without the extra steps involved.

Need an easy way to start with HR automation? SeeMeHired comes with a set of built-in recruitment integrations that allow you to reach more candidates and simplify your hiring. Learn more in a free demo today.