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The Best Applicant Tracking Systems in 2024

 9th January 2024  About 7 min read
The Best Applicant Tracking Systems in 2024

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are a type of software that allows companies to streamline and automate HR processes. These systems can collect and screen thousands of applications at once, speeding up the process and, therefore, saving your business both time and money.

In addition to this, a trustworthy ATS can also ensure the quality of screened candidates, improve the cost per hire, and even elevate the candidate experience. If your company is already feeling the strain of recruitment, a new ATS can help take the weight off your shoulders.

But with the number of ATS software out there, how do you know which one to pick? In this article, you'll find the best applicant tracking systems in 2024.

If you're hiring for multiple roles and receiving many applications, things can get overwhelming quickly. Download this applicant tracking system template to stay organised and keep all relevant information in one place.



More than just a regular ATS, SeeMeHired offers an automated and streamlined recruitment system that can do most of the heavy lifting for you.

One of its standout features is the Diversity Ambassador function, which can help you eliminate unconscious bias when making a shortlist of your candidates. It also has other helpful features like the ability to conduct video interviews, access reports and analytics, and do job board integrations, to name a few.


Jazz HR

JazzHR is an award-winning recruitment and HR system software for small to mid-sized businesses. Although mainly aimed at talent recruitment and acquisition, JazzHR also offers other HR functions.

With this ATS, you can automate and streamline your communication with potential candidates through the one-click multiple-platform job posting, automated emails, and even a cross-platform messaging app.

It offers affordably priced plans, starting at $39.00 (£27.00) per month for the Hero plan to $339.00 (£239.00) per month for the Pro plan. You also get a 21-day free trial of the software when you create an account.



Recruitment is certainly a breeze with BreezyHR. This renowned ATS software makes use of drag-and-drop functions that anyone can learn in minutes, making it perfect for companies who are shopping around for their first ATS. 

Its key features, which include an easy-to-use candidate management system, one-click job posting across more than 50 boards, automated messaging, and a real-time collaborative communication system, are all designed to make the hiring process much easier and faster.

BreezyHR offers a free trial that lets you post one active position at a time. For the paid versions, the least expensive tier is Startup, which costs $143.00 (£101.00) monthly, while the most expensive tier is Pro, which costs $479.00 (£339.00) monthly.



Aside from its user-friendly interface and data-driven approach, Greenhouse is also well-loved for its easy integration ecosystem that lets companies leverage the most powerful third-party solutions in the market at no additional cost. 

It can do everything from job posting, scoring, tracking, and even personalising the welcome experiences for new hires. Because of this, Greenhouse is the ATS of choice for the top small to mid-sized organisations. 

There are three tiers available: Essential, Advanced, and Expert. The prices for these tiers are not published on the site since they vary based on different factors like the number of employees and availed features. That said, you can always request a free demo if you're interested in trying out Greenhouse.



With GoHire, you can eliminate unnecessary fluff during recruitment and focus only on what matters.

The software's best feature is its web-based, user-friendly, collaborative hiring system that lets you manage everything in the hiring process. It has one-click job posting, seamless applicant tracking, and even automated communications that go beyond email correspondence.

GoHire offers competitive prices that start at £49.00 per month (£490.00 if billed annually) for the Starter package and £199.00 per month (£1,990.00 if billed annually) for the Pro package. It also offers a 14-day free trial to help you decide if it's the perfect software for you.



Bullhorn is a leading cloud-based ATS and CRM that lets you scale your recruitment operations, increase productivity, and streamline end-to-end processes. Besides having powerful HR-based functions, you can also rely on Bullhorn to automate data-driven business reports and even navigate the complicated and time-consuming payroll management processes.

With prices that vary based on the number of employees in your organisation, Bullhorn can work with businesses of any size. It offers four different tiers: Team, Corporate, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. Take the process by the horns now with this all-in-one solution!


Vacancy Filler

Vacancy Filler is an applicant tracking software that gives you control over the entire hiring process, from advertisement to recruitment.

The unlimited user license allows you to do everything you need with just one app alone. The app will let you track applicants, customise recruitment workflow, create fully branded career sites, manage content, and even screen videos.

Pricing varies based on the features you want to avail and the number of employees in your company. Do more for less by requesting a quotation from Vacancy Filler now!



If you want end-to-end ATS software that has your best interests at heart, you're in the right place.

Jobvite boasts powerful features that will let you do everything from streamlining the recruitment process to automating data reports. The company also makes an admirable effort to make their clients' lives easier by providing superb customer support and creating the best client-focused solutions.

It offers a variable pricing strategy that customises the service to your exact liking, with considerations such as size, role, and even industry. With Jobvite, all you need to do is to provide a list of your priorities, and they can get back to you with a tailor-made plan.



Workable is an all-in-one solution that offers customisable features to fit whatever needs your company may have, such as applicant sourcing, hiring, evaluation, collaboration, and even automation. 

It also allows integration with a ton of other powerful partners that can help improve your workflow—from HRIS to background checks and employee surveys—without having to leave the platform.

Plans start at $99.00 (£70.00) monthly per job post. If you need something more powerful, you can choose from their three regular tiers: Core, Growth, and Premier.


Networx is a recruitment software that prides itself on its simplicity and flexibility.

It has a recruitment module with a dozen specific functions and a core module that offers more than 30 powerful features. It also offers specific solutions such as a vacancy authorisation module and the latest interview technologies.

Prices vary based on the size of your company and the modules that you want to get. Whether you're recruiting your first employee or your first thousand, Networx will always have something for you.

Landed Hiring Software 

Landed is an applicant tracking software that does more than just screen qualified job candidates. It can also schedule interviews, issue job offers, and send automated emails.

With the role of mobile devices in job applications becoming more pronounced by the day, Landed's mobile-optimised systems are a smart investment. The software features user-friendly UI, careers listing pages, customisable recruitment funnels, automated screening, and many more.

There are a total of four plans available. The cheapest plan, Lite, costs £99.00 monthly for three job slots, while the most expensive plan, Corporate, costs £600.00 monthly for 20 job slots. If you need more than that, the Enterprise plan has you covered with its customised features and variable pricing.

Kallidus Recruit 

Kallidus Recruit gives you cutting-edge and highly transparent end-to-end recruitment processes, helping your company achieve its full potential, regardless of the size. 

Its solutions are greatly simplified and highly customisable, empowering your hiring team to make the best decisions without unnecessary hassles. With this software, you can make complex recruitment processes more accessible and bring the candidate experience to the next level.

Prices vary to suit the capabilities of a growing business and fit the needs of an expanding enterprise. You can also try out the software by booking a free demo anytime.


Choosing the Best Applicant Tracking System

The right applicant tracking system not only increases your company's value and encourages growth — it also makes your company a place that great talents would want to work in.

We hope this list of the best applicant tracking systems in 2022 helped you find the exact solution for your needs!