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The Top 11 Recruitment Automation Software Tools in 2021

calendar icon 20th June 2021
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The Top 11 Recruitment Automation Software Tools in 2021

In today’s information-saturated, fast-paced job market, the right recruitment software gives you the edge you need to hire the best talent ahead of your competitors. 

Recruitment software, specifically recruiting automation software, improves your processes by automating repetitive tasks. This frees up your team’s time, allowing them to focus on other critical projects. It also saves your company money as positions are filled much faster, reducing costs and bringing a number of other benefits.

In addition to this, recruiting automation software also uses data-driven methods to screen candidates, identify the best ones, and employ predictive statistics to continuously improve your company operations.

As you can see, having the right recruitment automation software is crucial for businesses of all sizes. But with all the different choices out there, how do you choose? In this article, we’ll highlight the top recruiting automation software in the market this year.

HR-Specific Recruiting Automation Software 

Let's take a look at the 11 best automation tools when it comes the HR industry.


SeeMeHired is a cutting-edge recruiting automation software that helps you source, engage, select, and hire new team members. Whether it’s job posting, communication, interviews, and even producing equality reports, SeeMeHired is full of features that can make your hiring process easier.

This recruitment software lets you use job post templates and automate candidate messaging to speed things up. It also includes a built-in Diversity and Inclusion module to make the shortlisting process entirely anonymous, therefore preventing unconscious bias.

Plans begin at £75.00 monthly with the Starter plan. Next is the Growth plan at £225.00, and finally the Enterprise plan with custom pricing. 

Greenhouse Recruiting

Greenhouse is an all-in-one solution for all your recruiting needs. It features a built-in ATS, CRM, internal HR, recruitment management, onboarding customizability, and task management, among many others.

One of the main selling points of Greenhouse is its ability to integrate with many third-party solutions for free. If there’s a feature that this recruitment automation system doesn’t have in its toolbox, you can surely find an integrated app that can do that.

There are three tiers available called Essential, Advanced, and Expert, all with different features. Prices vary depending on the number of users and features availed. If you want to see if it’s right for you, you can also request a free demo.


Many job hunters communicate through text, and Workstream takes advantage of that fact by introducing a text-based interface and automated SMS communication.

Interested applicants can simply scan the QR code or text the number displayed on an ad or poster, and they will immediately get a link for the open positions they can apply for. 

Other than that, Workstream can also integrate with major job boards to automate job posting. With this level of access, Workstream can easily accomplish quick, high-volume hirings for large companies.

Workstream has three solutions available: Hiring, Onboarding, and Integrations. The features for each are different, and the prices are also variable.


Fetcher is a simple recruitment software that yields powerful results. It can automate your recruitment processes, so all you have to do is kick back and relax as application emails are funnelled straight to your company inbox.

In addition to that, Fetcher also offers comprehensive team analytics and schedule-setting automation and can come as a standalone platform or as a lite browser extension.

Fetcher’s prices aren’t published on the website, though you can request a demo anytime.


CEIPAL TalentHire leverages the power of AI to make running your business a breeze. Its ecosystem includes three products: an ATS, a Workforce Management System, and an Integrations module. Each one has different features that you can use to streamline and automate your recruitment efforts.

Even better, CEIPAL can integrate with over 25 job boards and social media platforms and has a powerful search function. Many of its unique offerings involve AI-powered automation, such as passive candidate sourcing, ranking and matching, and resume harvesting.

Prices vary depending on how many recruiters and employees you have. There’s also a free demo available.


Lever is an end-to-end recruitment automation software that combines the best of an ATS and a CRM system.

With Lever, you can conduct personalised and automated recruitment campaigns, create custom dashboards that display hiring analytics, compile a talent database, and interview and hire new applicants.

In addition to this, Lever provides an Advanced Automation add-on that gives you the ability to automate your workflows, making the hiring process run seamlessly on its own. Other add-on features include Advanced HR, Advanced Nurture, and Advanced Analytics features.

If you want to try out Lever’s personalized demo, you can schedule a consultation.


With customer-centricity, transparency, velocity, and diversity as its core values, Gem presents an all-in-one recruitment platform where you can automate outreach efforts, email correspondence, diversity statistics, and more.

Gem has a comprehensive set of features, including ATS integration, a CRM, an extensive dashboard, benchmarking, and robust analytics and trend analysis tools. It also uses predictive analytics to know what works and what doesn’t for your company. With this recruitment software, you can easily streamline your hiring process every step of the way.

Gem doesn’t have its prices published, but you can request a personalised demo through the website.


An industry leader when it comes to sourcing talent, Loxo features the world’s largest candidate directory of over 530 million people. With Loxo, hiring is fast, powerful, and easy. It leverages market-leading AI capabilities when assuming repetitive, mundane tasks such as outreach and talent correspondence.

With Loxo, you get a functional dashboard where you can manage every aspect of your hiring efforts. From there, you can access a master pipeline that visualises all of your prospective candidates wherever they are in the hiring process, as well as a task management view that schedules your day. It also has a Chrome extension, built-in SMS texting, and more.

Loxo doesn’t offer any fixed pricing plans, but there is a demo available.


XOR specialises in automating a big part of the hiring process so that you can focus on choosing and nurturing the best candidates. Whatever it can’t automate, this recruitment platform can “borrow” from about 35 other solutions covered by its ecosystem.

One of XOR’s core functions is virtual hiring. This recruiting automation software lets you hold virtual job fairs, virtual interviews, and hiring webinars to make your recruitment much smoother. It can also automate plenty of your hiring workflows, such as onboarding, scheduling, and screening, and it lets you advertise and engage through text, chat, and instant messaging apps.

XOR doesn’t have prices published on its website, although you can book a free demo.


Workable is an all-in-one recruitment platform and ecosystem that offers a comprehensive automation solution to improve your sourcing system, collaboration, and onboarding processes.

It can also integrate with a lot of powerful, industry-standard software to improve your recruitment workflow, from background checks to HRIS, all in the comforts of the Workable platform.

Workable has four feature plans, starting with Paygo at $99.00 monthly per job. This tier offers access to about 200 job boards, Zoom and HRIS integrations, AI-powered sourcing, and e-signatures. For the more expensive Core, Growth, and Premier plans, you’ll have to book a demo first.


Seekout takes pride in its powerful, wide-ranging, AI-powered searching tool that allows it to draw from a deep pool of top-class talent. The software has a unified profile feature that gives you an overall view of talent not found in typical job boards and social media sites.

With this feature, you can source talent from public profiles, published researches and patents, referrals, alumni, and specialised areas such as GitHub and Dribbble. You can even source candidates with security clearances for confidential government, defence, or aerospace jobs. 

Seekout has a variable pricing scheme that’s not published on the site, but you can request a live demo for free.

General Automation Tools to Streamline Your Hiring Processes

Automation tools are stand-alone software that can bridge different software and platforms. These systems streamline your recruitment processes even further by giving you access to automation features and third-party apps beyond the standard HR tools.


IFTTT is an automation service that allows you to use 'Applets' based on the "if this,then that" function, hence the name.

This tool can connect powerful productivity apps such as calendars, notes, search engines, and voice command apps like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It can even integrate with hardware like smart light bulbs.

IFTTT has a permanently free version where you can enable unlimited pre-made Applets and create three customised ones. The paid versions start at $3.99 monthly for the Pro plan.


Zapier is a powerful workflow automation tool that connects different processes across varied workspaces, all without the need for coding.

Regardless of your technical abilities, you can use Zapier to connect over 3000 apps, from CRMs and spreadsheets to other productivity apps such as Trello, Dropbox, and Slack, and even to payment tools such as PayPal. Like IFTTT, it also utilises "if this - then that" processes called 'zaps' when triggered.

Zapier's free version can automate five single-step zaps 100 times a month. For more zaps and more features, you'll have to avail one of the paid plans, from the $19.99 per month Starter plan to the $599.00 per month Company plan.


Integromat further simplifies workflow integration through its innovative drag and drop interface.

Integromat's visualised interface can support complex app interactions. It makes use of modules like Aggregators, Routers, and Iterators that perform specific functions in your workflow. Once set up, Integromat runs entirely independently in the background.

Integromat has six plans. The free version can perform 1000 operations for a minimum interval of 15 minutes, with a 100 MB data transfer limit. If you need something more, paid plans start at $9.00 monthly with the Basic plan.


Workato is a robust, fully cloud-native automation software trusted by over 7000 brands. It has powerful features that put it ahead of the pack when it comes to workflow automation.

From talent acquisition to onboarding, Workato can automate it all. It even offers a Wellness Bot that ensures your employees are in tip-top shape every day. On top of that, Workato can connect with more than 100 apps, APIs, and databases without sacrificing scalability and security.

If you want to get a quote of Workato's pricing, you need to schedule a personalised demo first.


Twilio specialises in creating, training, and deploying AI-powered communication bots that take care of all your communication needs, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

With Twilio Autopilot, you can create conversational AIs and bots which can work not just on your website but also on SMS, mobile chat, and other popular instant messaging apps like WhatsApp. You can even integrate CRM systems to use Twilio during your hiring process.

Twilio has variable pricing that you can get after a consultation with one of its expert teams.

Choosing the Top Recruitment Software in 2021

Nowadays, having good recruiting automation software is essential to secure your company’s future.

By using recruitment software to automate and streamline your hiring processes, you can attract, acquire, and retain the best talent with the least amount of effort and still have enough time to focus on other equally important tasks in the company.