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Take the stress out of job searching. You will get insight from employers like never before, skills they are looking for, pictures of their workplace, video content about the company and much more.

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It's not CV, It's SeeMe!

Confused about how to create a C.V. that also let's you showcase your skills, achievements and passions?

Complete a step by step confidential registration process that not only creates your unique profile but it additionally produces a finely crafted downloadable C.V. that you can use and share as you please!

Upload a video introduction for employers telling them more about yourself, what you do outside of work and what you are passionate about.

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Let the jobs find you!

Set your perfect match criteria by inputting details that include the skills you have, the salary you need, the distance you are willing to commute and SeeMe Hired takes care of the rest!

View and apply for jobs percentage matched to your profile at the click of a button and then receive instant updates at each stage of the recruitment process from the employer.

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All is safe and sound, you are in complete control of who sees your information.

Your profile is private to you, no worries about anyone seeing your SeeMe Hired profile without your permission. You have two choices;

1) SeeMe on Application - Only share your SeeMe Hired profile when you choose to apply for a job. Only then will the recruiter (s) behind the vacancy see your profile.

2) HeadhuntMe - Choose to automatically share your SeeMe Hired profile when an employer posts a job that matches your profile! Employers can then view your full SeeMe Hired profile and click “like” to encourage you to purposely apply.

Regardless of which choice (s) you make, rest assured no-one can see your profile externally of the system as it's never in the public domain.

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