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Frequently asked questions

You can hire as many candidates as you like with one job post. For example, if you receive 20 applications for one job post, you can hire as many candidates with no extra charge!

We have a dedicated Training & Development team who will be here to support you in onboarding to the platform. Once you have signed a proposal, our team will be in touch with you to organise an induction session with your team via video conference. This session will show you how to create your company profile, how to upload your jobs, how to use the job distribution tool, how to take candidates through the process from end-to-end, how to become a diversity ambassador and how to export your annual return.

Once you come on board with us, you are automatically assigned to a customer support team member. Our customer support team will be on hand whenever you need them, to chat about your progress, to help you optimise your company profile, to help you advertise your jobs in the best way to get the most accurate matches or to listen to any feedback that you may have. We've got you covered, whatever the request.

The Starter plan lets you create up 1 user account. Growth up to 5 and Enterprise lets you onboard as many users as you need - ideal if you have a bigger or growing HR department.

Yes, your company and candidate data is stored in line with data protection requirements so you don't have to worry about filing and storing personal data yourself.

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