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How to optimise job board selection using Insights

 1st February 2024  About 1 min read
How to optimise job board selection using Insights

If you are recruiting using job boards, where multiple platforms compete for job seekers and employers, the significance of having insights that reveal which job board is performing best becomes paramount. Job boards serve as crucial intermediaries in connecting talent with employment opportunities, and in such a complex and diverse market, accurate insights play a pivotal role in ensuring effective recruitment strategies.

Understanding which job boards are performing best offers several key advantages. Firstly, it allows employers to optimise their recruitment efforts. By identifying the job boards that consistently attract suitably qualified candidates and yield successful hires, employers can concentrate their resources and energy on those platforms.

SeeMeHired’s Funnel Analysis provides a breakdown of how each job board is preforming in terms candidates how have applied for your jobs, those short listed, selected for interviewed and ultimately hired giving you the insights enabling a targeted approach which not only streamlines the hiring process but also increases the likelihood of finding the right candidates in a competitive job market.

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