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Job Distribution

Our job distribution tool enables you to easily share your SeeMeHired.com jobs and advertise on any free/paid job board or social media platform of choice anywhere in the world using your existing profiles or subscriptions, all from a single point.

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Career page Integration

Your company website is a key channel for sourcing potential candidates. Don't already have a career page on your company website? No problem. We can create a simple integration so that you can feature your SeeMeHired.com job posts on your website.

Agency Management

If you use a recruitment agency, SeeMeHired.com has an agency module which allows you to invite your agencies to work on a job post with custom links for applicant tracking. All agency contact is automated through the platform.

No more emailing and phone calls!

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Talent Pool

Candidate Matching: Your jobs will also be notified to suitable candidates who are already in our talent pool.

Reserve Lists: Where a role attracts several high-quality applicants, you have the option to place applicants on one-year reserve lists if the applicant has agreed to be added to a reserve list. When your role becomes available again, you can either invite reserve-listed applicants to re-apply, or you can send them a job offer, all intuitively within the platform.

Future Jobs: If you're not hiring now but will be in the future, our Future Jobs tool allows you to advertise upcoming roles to collect interested applicants months in advance!

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