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Our software features a range of features for effective interview management.

Interview Question Setting

Pre-set your interview questions on the platform prior to your interviews. Every member on the panel has access to the same questions. This means that every interview follows the same format and set list of questions for more accurate and fair hiring.

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Rating System

Rate your candidates based on their interview answers with our star rating system.

Integrated Video Interviewing features an integrated video interviewing tool, meaning that you can set up and conduct video interviews directly through the platform - no need to exit and use a third party video conferencing tool!

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Digital Job Offer

Interviewed the perfect candidate for your role? Offer them the job directly through the platform without the need to draft emails or make phone calls.

Interview Slots

Set up interviews by selecting interview times and sending these direct to shortlisted applicants. Applicants can choose slots on a first come, first served basis.

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