We have created a bold and fresh new approach to recruitment.

Our software solution is positioned to transform how employers approach the traditional recruitment process.

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Technical specifications

Using the very latest technology, our cloud-based platform is set to revolutionise how employers approach and manage the recruitment process in a GDPR and diversity friendly way.

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End to end solution

It serves to not only find and attract talent, but it goes much further in facilitating a direct connection between candidates and clients via a bespoke end-to-end digital solution, crafted to save you time, money and resource.

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With compliance firmly in mind, it guides you from job posting to applicant tracking and from interview processing to job offers. Where SeeMeHired.com outshines any other offer in the market is its backend functionality which includes, for example, your Annual Monitoring Return form and also addresses any concerns around unconscious bias in your employment process.

  • Industry leading percentage matching facility that intuitively sifts and targets only those candidates on the SeeMeHired.com database who accurately meet your job criteria
  • Highly sophisticated interview tool ensuring consistency and compliance throughout the recruitment process
  • Bespoke system that standardises all applications providing uniformity and digital record keeping
  • Solution to the mandatory Annual Monitoring Return form with a feature that digitally collates and compiles the annual report
  • Streamlined digital workflow using drop and drag technology, ensuring everyone who applies is tracked and communicated with easily and effectively
  • An ethical solution that promotes diversity and minimises the problem of unconscious bias
  • Process that fosters equality and facilitates diversity with the option for companies to sign up to be a Diversity Ambassador
  • An anonymity default setting that enables a company to tap into a database of passive job-seekers
  • Built in job board aggregator tool, offering targeted advertising and the ability to widen the search for specific roles anywhere in the world
  • Company brand profiling with an innovative feature to showcase and promote company values via video, photos and editorial

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