We are Devenish Nutrition

Devenish provide leading edge nutritional solutions for the intensive livestock sector. We go beyond nutrition by working collaboratively with our customers throughout the supply chain to produce the highest quality products from farm to fork.


Our Culture

Devenish Feeds was founded in 1952 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, it provided products and services to the agricultural sector mainly through home mixers and the feed industry in the Irish market. Since then, Devenish Nutrition has developed from being a trading-based company to one in which over 90% of our sales are now derived from our own manufactured products. Devenish Nutrition's strategy is to grow the business substantially across multiple species and geographical boundaries. As part of our strategy to grow across geographical borders, Devenish Nutrition acquired two manufacturing plants in the US with the capability to replicate what we do in our home market business. Devenish also acquired two companies in the UK, A-One which develops starter feeds for the Pig and game bird sectors and HiPeak who are the UK and Ireland’s largest 100% organic feed mill. The product offering includes premixes, neo-natal feeds and speciality to improve the performance, profitability and sustainability for its farming customers.
Devenish aims to be a ‘Great Place to Work’ and we believe the quality of our people and cultural mindset are the key to our continuing success. We place our employees at the heart of our operations through people planning for growth, development and training, engaging, rewarding and recognising our people. Our passion for improving human health is reflected in our health and wellbeing strategy for our people. Through effective communication and operational effectiveness, our ‘One Devenish’ strategy is used to enhance employee experience throughout the company and as part of building a people focused organisation that supports people to become their best and lives by its Values. To engage our people, we belief in the following values: Integrity, Respect, Authenticity, Clarity, Collaboration, Empowerment and Excellence.

Our Team