We are Fluent Technology

Fluent’s platform Flexi-Grant® is a grant management system that allows some of the largest funders in the UK tackle the world’s most challenging issues.


Our Culture

We are dedicated to making the world a better place through technology. Work isn’t everything – saving the world from climate change, making scientific discoveries to eradicate some of the world’s deadliest diseases and playing a part in making sure as few people are living on the streets as possible is what it’s all about. Our software enables funders around the world to manage complex grant programmes, organise reviewers and make sense of big, and sometimes complicated, budgets. Our success has been down to our team and our focus – we have always dreamt bigger than Belfast. When we shut up shop for 6 months back in 2013 and decided to build Flexi-Grant®, the goal was to have the best grant management system in the world.
We have talented designers dedicated to making the system as modern and easy to use as possible, engineers that build a secure and innovative platform, implementors that make the onboarding process painless and a customer success team where the goal is to ‘delight our customers’. We are a team of 30 split across Belfast and London, which enables us to be big enough to implement our software for some of the largest funders, but nimble enough to be agile and execute projects efficiently. It’s not all work at our offices – we believe in having fun while we work hard. We offer GENEROUS holidays, 'take it or leave it' bank holidays, Flexi-Time so you can leave at 4pm, a 35-hour week and the opportunity to work a little longer each week to take up to an extra day off each month.

Our Team