We are NiSoft

NiSoft are a globally recognised developer and provider of safety critical management systems for large multinational inductrial clients in over 40 countries.


Our Culture

NiSoft operate globally within several industry verticals providing compliance and management software for safety critical applications. For the past 27 years we have become recognised leaders in the area of Safety Document Management and provide large energy companies with software configured to customer specific processes fully integrated to some of the worlds leading Enterprise Asset Management systems. We develop, test, deploy and support projects in process intensive industries in over 40 countries from our Singapore, Belfast, Denver and Brisbane offices.
Our teams in Singapore, Belfast and Denver work together to a common aim, to be the best solution providers and trusted technology partners to large Energy companies globally. We don't believe it is possible to achieve this goal without fostering great relationships with our customers and with each other. NiSoft regularly has​ social activities and get-togethers from the HQ in Belfast to the offices in Denver and Singapore. Our culture is one of learning and collaboration, servicing the largest energy companies in the world, together.

Our Team