We are Farrans Construction

A leading figure within the UK construction market, operating across both civil engineering and building divisions.We bring over 75 years' of experience to a range of sectors, including education, local infrastructure, water, marine, private development and onshore energy. Farrans is proud to have a wide talent pool – around 500 people across our offices in Belfast, Woking, Cambridge and Edinburgh, as well as our sites throughout the UK and Ireland.


Our Culture

"We continue to develop excellence in all aspects of building and civil engineering while at the same time the boundaries of service level delivered to our customers are continually being extended. At the heart of this approach is the recognition of our wider social responsibility. We share our workplace with communities and the natural environment making it vital that we implement sustainable business practices across our operation. The concepts of partnering, alternative forms of contract, value engineering, Public-Private​ Partnerships and Performance Related Partnering have all been embraced by us and kept us at the forefront of innovation and modern construction techniques for 75 years. Central to our operation is a commitment to the values of health and safety, quality and the environment. Our management systems are ISO accredited and our approach to responsible stewardship of industry best practice has been recognised through the achievement of BS8900 Sustainable Development. "
As a BS 11000 accredited company, working collaboratively has, historically, been engrained in the ‘Farrans way’. Our people also work collaboratively in order to uphold certain values which represent the essence of who we are. These core values include being: Focused, Approachable, Caring and Efficient Our vision for the future is that we are simply the Contractor of Choice. We pursue this vision ‘on the ground’ daily, striving to find solutions that will make a genuine difference to our customers, end-users and society. We also pursue it strategically. Our six strategic objectives were agreed by our business leaders and form the pillars of our operations. They include: Sustainable Growth, Embedded Safety, Empowering People, Environmental Awareness, Building Social Value and Customer Service

Our Team