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Our Culture

4c Executive is Northern Ireland’s leading independent provider of professional executive search services. 4c finds the best people for roles that are almost impossible to fill if a company were to use traditional recruitment methods. We not only identify and uncover untapped talent by researching into the inactive candidate market, but attract, assess and on-board these individuals for specific senior or specialised business-critical roles. 4c has worked on over 300 retained assignments since our inception in October 2013 - all of these roles have been at a Director/Senior Management level or require specialist skillsets, and have been across an array of different industries and sectors.
At 4c every team member understands and buys into our corporate vision, meaning that they feel a sense of ownership over growing the company. They know who we are, where we are now and where we want to be, and they are passionate about helping us achieve our goals. From the offset, we have established a culture of absolute transparency within the firm, meaning that every member is staff is fully aware of how our performance is measuring up to our business goals and objectives. We meet together to review our performance on a weekly basis and, without fail, use this meeting as an opportunity to think higher, to set new goals and targets and to think about how we can work together to achieve those. Most importantly, we come away from these meetings understanding the role that each of us has to play in achieving this success.

Our Team