We are SeeMeHired

SeeMe is a digital end-to-end recruitment solution that transforms how employers attract and hire talent and renovates how job-seekers find and communicate with relevant organisations.

Our Culture

Launched in Belfast in January 2019, with global growth plans ahead, this SaaS platform enables employers to recruit in an efficient, compliant and cost-effective​ manner. SeeMe uses a unique matching algorithm that places relevant roles in front of potential employees, generating a ‘talent match’ percentage for the employer. SeeMe is truly revolutionary, calling for employers to use the ‘Diversity Ambassador’ in-built module, ensuring the right talent is hired based on merit and culture fit, ensuring no elements of unconscious bias infiltrate the recruitment process.
SeeMe is a company that goes above and beyond to give employees challenging projects and also providing trust and support to help them meet those challenges successfully. We truly invest in the development of our employees and we're proactive at making sure that you're in a role you want to be in. Creating a positive working environment is a key part SeeMe with fun lunches, events and programs. We offer Competitive Pay, Great Benefits, Amazing People, Great Work, Awesome Opportunities, Excellent Experiences! Come and Join us on our journey in creating a #RecruitmentRevolution!!!

Our Team